by Action Alice

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Plagued by nostalgia, Action Alice traverses time to combat the obsession with the good old days in the war with the Weather Monster.


Capo 4
C G F-Am F-G
I wanna go back
back in ti-i-i-ime.
I wanna go back
back in ti-i-i-ime.

I wanna go back.
I’m in the wrong generation, please take me back.

To the past
without iphones, laptops, or smallpox vaccines;
the past
with prohibition and segregation,
and don’t forget
the overwhelming chauvinism.
The problems of the past
are worth it for their taste in fashion.
It wouldn’t bother me
if a husband’s wife were still his possession.

Cause human rights and medicine
are second to my sentiment.
I just want to get away
from all these tech advancements.
Please send me back in time.


released April 28, 2014
Produced by Adam Allpow




Action Alice Chicago, Illinois

When the Weather Monster threatens the world, Action Alice, champion of Hell, bursts through the gates of the underworld in a flare of splendor. Armed only with Behemoth, Beelzebub's own ukulele and spoil of Action's showdown with the demon's of the Seven Deadly Sins, Action Alice tangles with the Weather Monster in an acoustic clash for mankind.

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